14 July 2012

West Cliff Drive

And it was near there that I threw the Mancala pieces off of the cliff, into the sea below. I had put them in my pocket at a party, thinking that they were treasure, but ultimately ruined someone's game.

22 February 2010

30 January 2010

17 January 2010

Canonet QL17 g-III
Taken with Mamiya RZ67 & Astia 100F

22 August 2009

Every time I'm there, he is there, wearing some type of weird boots, paint coated so thick on his hands they could stop a bullet, and sun glasses at night. But tonight I saw those eyes. Red, red eyes. Ay yay yay eyes. I probably notice homeless people more than other people, i'd imagine they try to get you to notice them more. This guy, he is always selling paintings. He calls it street art, i imagine because he paints it right there on the street. The "Binary Art" is what first caught my attention, months ago, an african american character, maybe a seperate painting all together, completely drawn in layers and layers of ballpoint pen, covered by a layer of 0's and 1's. I told him how cool that was, because I learned once about these numbers, and how to count them, but i forgot. He forgot too, he said they are either numbers or symbols, I think he never knew. I wish i could have bought these. Today he had a jean jacket with the sleeves cut off and tic tac toe games painted on there. Was he hanging out and his friend suggested playing a game of tic tac toe, and off came the jacket? Is that when the sleeves came off?
So today, i got a burger and a chocolate shake, eating while staring at his blocks of wood with paint and various things on them. I knew he'd ask me if i wanted to buy one, so, boom, preemptive strike, I talked to him. I asked him what number that is, on that binary art! He still didnt know. "How do you come up with this stuff?" "Ahh, man, i tap into my REM. Random Eye Motion." "While you're awake?" "Yeah, my dad used to be a millionaire in California, in the Bay Area, and i didnt need to do anything to survive, but I learned how to tap into it when I moved to Seattle." Not wanting to disclose proprietary secrets, he changed the subject, and asked me my name, which i took as a cue that he was ending the conversation. Earlier he had asked me which one I liked the most, I told him, and he asked if I could give him 3 or 4 dollars for it. I got this for 4 dollars, but, its double sided, and "the joke of the day" part, where roman numerals transform themselves into new meanings, that there was a complete, secret bonus.

31 May 2009

From afar, some of those who wander through the streets near my house look not unlike zombies. It makes me laugh a little, this thought, living amongst Zombies, but I should be aware that an unimaginably difficult life is no laughing manner. Creeping slowly, without destination, they do not steal my blood or flesh, but merely ask me for money, and then saunter aimlessly into the next day. Is it ok that they make me aware of my fortune? I would not consider myself as having a fortune, but by all means am I fortunate. 
Living in the South, a goal of mine while being here was to obtain some cough syrup with codeine and promethazine, you know, syrup, lean, drank, etc. I'm sure this would be easy enough to obtain, within minutes from my door. Luckily, I was able to get some in a much easier way. 
I got Pneumonia.
So i also got some Sprite to go with it, to cure this bacterial induced cough in the most southern way possible.
In the midst of this doctor prescribed rest, I figured I'd walk downtown, to enjoy the weather after nearly two weeks of thunderstorms. As soon as I start to feel the first few drops of rain, I decide to turn back. For these zombie-ish homeless, their next move is not as easy. I watch a man with no home fumble-about for what appears to be ages, doing what should be 30-seconds worth of work, wrapping his stuff in plastic. This must be among the top of his list of priorities, but he is going so slow. I guess if it gets wet, he has got nothing but time for it to dry. 
As I turn the lock on my car door, I cannot stop to think about how easy my life is, about the options I have to stay dry and comfortable. The novelty must be wearing thin, as it has made me a little less comfortable.

03 May 2009

Galaxy Defenders

What a good day today. 
After working 72 hours in the last 6 days, I was able to sleep in. 
I woke up, played with my new iMac, watched a movie, and talked to AS online.
I have a lot of good food in my house after finally going to the market yesterday. Perfect.
Watched a movie, did my laundry, and then left to the beach. It was 85 degrees out today.
Got real crisp, well, for may at least.  Talked to a few more friends from home. I have been missing home quite a bit lately, so this was perfect.
Took a nap, and read a little, the 2 hours after arriving, returned home. Cleaned my house, rode my bike up through the hood, then down to the waterfront,  and back home. It felt good to finally get my heart going a little. 
Returned home, made some chicken and ate some salad, watched some MTV jams, and now im finishing off a perfect day sitting by the window, feeling its breeze, and listening to Men in Black on repeat. 

31 January 2009

El Tour de Sur

Brisket, Pulled Pork, Macaroni and Cheese, Cornbread, Green Beans
Okra Soup
Yams, Black Eye Peas, Collard Greens, Red Rice
Make it twice.